Ellen brings an actionable clarity of vision and focus in navigating ambiguity to provide strategic direction for new market opportunity.  She has a thoughtful approach to identifying talent and assembling teams to achieve the goals. -Corporate Leadership Advisor-

Ellen gets companies to spend their resources putting the right ideas into the process in the first place, and move beyond fixing their current product development process. I find her ideas and approach very compelling. -Head of Manufacturing; Global Medical Device Company-

Ellen is able to leverage her ability to understand complex business issues to create clear, meaningful strategies and direction. Using her understanding of the market, the consumer, and technology, she positions innovation as a vehicle for company growth and value creation. -President; Medical Device Startup-

Ellen has a keen sense of how to understand a problem broadly. In our work together she helped us not only see their business in a new light, but provided us with tools to execute on the insights. -Head of R&D, Healthcare Diagnostics Company-