User Centered Innovation in Healthcare

Health Pack Annual Conference - New Orleans, LA - March 2016

Healthcare Innovation in Package Design

Webinar for the Institute of Packaging Professionals - November 2015

Innovation and Neuroscience: Aligning Innovation Process with Natural Cognition

Presented at The ISPIM Americas Innovation Forum – Montreal, Canada - October 2014

Translating Market Insight to Product and Service Innovation

Presented at The XXIII ISPIM Conference – Action for Innovation: Innovating from Experience – Barcelona, Spain - June 2012

Voice of the Customer Summit - Chair and Opening Remarks

Front End of Innovation Conference - Boston, MA - May 2011

Tetra Dreamcap: Case Study and Discussion of the Role of Design in the TetraPak Organization

Presented at the Annual TetraPak Leadership Conference - Sundbyholms Slott, Sweden - August 2005.

Design: Its Role in Meeting Business Challenges

Presented at The APDF (Association of Professional Design Firms) Annual Conference – Philadelphia, PA - September 2004