Market Results

The true value of great work is best captured by the market results it achieves. Below are some notable market results of our work:

  • For a Fortune 500 healthcare company, established consumer oriented design capabilities to deliver positive lifestyle experiences for wearable data devices. Result: Led design and clinical teams to execute the first clinical study of lifestyle factors in support of health outcomes.

  • For a global medical device manufacturer, created a process for defining new opportunities outside of core categories, and instituted corporate training process for working teams and senior executives. Result: Identified opportunities to evolve commodity product to enter the healthcare informatics market.

  • Led international team for a Fortune 50 consumer products company to understand intangible buyer needs to redefine orphan product. Transformed product, packaging design, and marketing channel strategies. Result: New product became a market leader and increased global revenue by $1 billion/year by the second year.

  • Defined market entry strategy, led new product and packaging design, and channel strategy targeting emerging markets for a Fortune 50 B2B2C company.  Result: Revenue increased in China alone by over $400 million, in first year of launch.

  • For a market leading household appliance company, led consumer research, created new, customer-focused product development, and product positioning. Established new consumer value points redesigning product to deliver intangible values. Sparked change to internal reward structure ultimately transitioning engineering focus to customer focus. Result: Revenue increased by 18% in a declining category in first year after launch; profits increased over 30%.

  • Developed design and market strategy to transform a European multinational food and beverage company to transform product development from B2B to B2B2C player. Product focus changed from utilitarian value to consumer value-add experience. Result: Grew customer revenue over $50 million over two years.