Ten minutes with the VP

I received an email from a regular reader of this blog asking the following question:

I need to think about an interesting topic to do a 10 min presentation to my Global Consumer Insights Vicepresident. If you were him, what would you like to hear about from a CI manager of a WW consumer goods company?

Here are a few thoughts from conversations I've had with clients recently:

Remember that the consumer is a source of information, not answers.

Think about what you really mean when you talk about statistical significance.

Insights are derived, not observed.

Innovation is not random.  There is a way to identify and evaluate the market relevance of opportunities before investing in development.

When taking the time to derive a consumer's motivations, remember that the most valuable result of the work is to pose the right (ie: market relevant) problem for the organization to solve.  Don't shortcut this work and jump into problem-solving mode before you know whether or not you're solving the right one!

I'm sure others could add to this list, and I would love to know what you think.