Consumer research how-to

While we're on the topic of publishing, Chuck Frey of Innovation Tools published an article I wrote about guiding innovation with consumer research. 

It's a brief how-to, illustrating how consumer research is applied differently for incremental improvement or developing breakthrough innovation.  The example is from the past, and shows how consumer research on a desktop computer could lead to the improvements we enjoy today, or to the development of the laptop.  I'd love to know if it clarifies the common "one size fits all" perception of consumer research techniques.

Innovation Tools is a weekly newsletter where Chuck shares tools, methods, and ideas he collects through the week.  It's a great place to find all the latest tools and thought leadership to aid in mind-mapping exercises, brainstorming, bringing out creativity, etc.  As with any resource, use it wisely.  Tools can help you to be better and more efficient at what you need to do.  No single tool, however, can give you the answer, or transform your organization on its own.  You still have to do that work. 

You can also download it here, and if it's helpful, feel free to share it - but don't sell it.  consumer guided innovation.pdf (66.32 kb)