An innovative experiment

For the last few months, I've been fortunate enough to be a participant in Seth Godin's online experiment - Triiibes.  This is a learning community, (currently, membership is by invitation only) and participants are actively exploring questions about the future of markets and marketing, and the forces that are changing the competitive landscape.  It has been a companion experiment to his latest book:  Tribes - We Need You To Lead Us.  I have learned enormously from the experiment, and offer thanks to Seth for starting it, and to the fellow community members for their participation and enlightened perspectives.

Book cover

This week, Seth launches the book at an event in New York City.  It offers a new perspective that the future of successful marketing lies in the ability to create, connect and lead tribes.  Why is this important?  Because as innovators we need to learn to rally support from within our companies, our clients, and our peers.  Without the support we need from others we cannot succeed. Without strength in numbers, what we are doing is too scary for most people to support us.  We need to acknowledge their need to belong and believe in something greater than they can imagine today.  We do this for a living, and it's our responsibility to show the way.

In addition to the book, Triiibes - the online community, has collaborated on an ebook of tribal case studies.  Each one discusses elements that get to the heart of what makes tribes successful.  It's available to download for free, and I feel fortunate to have had two case studies selected for inclusion. Download, enjoy, and share!


updatedtribescasebook.pdf (2.97 mb)