That's easy for you to say

Seth Godin had an interesting post about how people cling to old ways of doing business, and approach fast-growing new ways with trepidation.  He uses the newspaper industry as an example.  People are clinging to the old business model, while online venues are showing much more promise.  The most interesting point he makes is that the people who are best suited to developing the new model are often the skilled hands that created the old model.  Yet they are the ones who are leaving this task up to those who are less experienced.

How often is this happening to you, every day?  It's easy to point to such glaring examples as the newspaper industry or the airline industry, and from the outside it's easy to point to several things that are going wrong.  But these companies are run by smart people, so I can only think that this tendency of human nature must be so strong that it is surely affecting all of us every day.  We don't see it because we don't perceive that it is affecting us measurably.

Find ways to see your blind spots.  Ask friends, coworkers, and anyone who's opinion you respect.  Remember, it will be easy for the outsider to see things that you do not even know exist.