Translation Step 1 - Awareness

Are the people in your company aware of how their job function can actually contribute to realizing the company strategy?  Can they even articulte the company strategy?

You can find out if they can articulate the company strategy by asking them.  But how do you know if they are aware of how their job function can help to realize it?  If the people in the company are not aware of how their job function contributes to the realization of the corporate strategy, then how can they make decisions that will keep everyone aligned toward the same direction?

Try asking your employees why they made the choices they made last week.  For example, if your company is trying to compete through becoming the technical leader in your industry, then everything your employees do should support that message.  If you run a design group, and your employees are choosing colors because they are popular, then you have a disconnect.  They should be selecting colors that connote technical excellence.  If they do not know what connotes technical excellence to your consumers, they should be asking to conduct research into that topic. 

The same goes for the engineering group.  If they are doing things because it was the way they did them at their last company - the company that is not the techcnical leader, then there is a disconnect.

The point here really, is that people want to be successful.  They will try to replicate past successes.  Your job is to make them aware of the need to examine the reasons behind past successes.  The reason why something worked before may be exactly the same reason why it will not work now.  It will be difficult for your company to realize its strategic goals if your employees are pulling you in different directions. 

Be aware of what direction your employees are going, and be sure they are aware of how their choices can keep you on track or lead you astray.