We're "consumer oriented."

Listen to how people talk at your company.  If your company is like most, there will be many people talking about how consumer oriented they are, or how customer focused, or how they strive to provide a great consumer experience. 

Then listen to what gets said at any product team meeting.  Why the end product may not be delivered when, or how, it was originally intended.  Why that will be OK because "people will get it because I'm going to implement it like Facebook. Everyone knows what that is."  Why it's better to change the product so that the development pipeline won't be overtaxed. 

And just for fun, try to raise a "constructive consumer oriented concern" like, "We can't do it like Facebook because if people wanted it that way, they'd go to Facebook.  We need to differentiate.  I would like to discuss what it would take to make it like it was defined in the beginning."  See what type of answer you get.

You will then know whether or not your company is consumer oriented.